The Gift of Words

Bespoke Stories for the People You Love



My name is Helen O’Connor. 

I work with you to write personalised stories for your family and friends.

Buying a gift is hard. Especially when the occasion is so significant. People have so much stuff -– it can get overwhelming.

A Books Bestowed book is more than just a material gift. A Books Bestowed book is colourful, beautiful, funny, and completely bespoke.

Whether it be for a special birthday, a wedding, a new baby, a life story, to preserve memories, or just because - I take your unique memories, anecdotes, stories, and quirks, and transform them into timeless pieces of literary art.

With your guidance, I will capture who a person is and what is most important to them, to create a beautiful gift that will be treasured for generations to come. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Together, we will bring these stories to life.

Books Bestowed. The gift of words.