Big birthdays call for big presents.

A Books Bestowed book is just the thing.

Your Birthday book could be written about the gift-receiver’s life - a narrative crafted through memories, events, achievements, and funny stories. It could be a story of other people’s memories - of reasons why your friends and family love the birthday-person so much.

Your Birthday book could also be the story of a relationship - of how two people met and got together - right up to the very moment you gift the book them. It could be a story of success, of a life-long quest, or of a heartbreak that you'd like to honour. 

Birthday books come in three sizes - little, middle, and big. The size of your book will depend on the number of characters you’d like included, the number of interviews we do, the length of the story, and the level of research and detail required.

Birthday books are great as group gifts - they can be from one person, three people or fifteen of your closest friends.

I welcome any and all questions, ideas and requests.

The Gift of Words.

A Books Bestowed book can take up to eight weeks to complete. For the full project breakdown and pricing, please follow the link below. Or, if you'd like to discuss your ideas, please get in touch.